Jak kupować?

1. Find a product:

a) by means of search engine,
b) by means of category tree on the left.

2. Choose a product you are interested in and click "add to basket" if you want to buy it. You may choose the quantity and additional options for that product, if they are available.

3. If you want to choose more products, you may repeat the steps from the previous point.
If, however, you want to process an order, go to basket by clicking on the basket drawing on your right or the word "Basket".

4. To process an order you must be logged in. If you do not have your account yet, you should register by pressing the "register" button.

5. When being logged in on the basket website, click the "order products" button.

6. Next specify the form of product shipment and provide the address of shipment receipt as well as invoice details.

7. After you press the "record" button, the total order with a possibility of adding comments will be displayed. Complete the order by pressing the "accept order" button.

8. When the product is accepted, a Nails Company consultant will inform you on its total value (including the shipment costs). You will also receive the bank account number via electronic mail.