Extremely durable and strong base gel which will protects against all air lifts , guaranteeing 100% adhesion of products to the natural nail plate. Excellent choice under all 3-phase builder gels and single-phase Premium Line and All In One. Gel Bonder is colorless with the consistency of liquid (paint). Applied very thinly on natural plate previously prepared with products type Primer or Ultra Bond. It is perfect for damaged and destroyed nail plates. Use as a base in the hard Gel system. Curing time: 120 seconds in a UV lamp. The product curing in UV lamp or UV / LED. Available capacity: 15g and 50g

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Category: Żele podkładowe

Dostępne pojemności: 15 g, 50 g


Poziom trudności:

Czas utwardzania 2 min.


Krycie produktu

Lampa UV/ LED: Czas ultwardzania 60s.