About us

Nails Company was established in 2003. Over a long period of time we have been able to thoroughly explore our clients’ expectations with regard to care products and nails stylization. At present we are one of the leading companies in the above mentioned branch.

We meet all the requirements of our clients, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction. We know perfectly well that neat, well-groomed palms are the pride of every woman, so in our offer we present a wide range of products for the care, extension and decoration of nails. In our wide assortment we have many kinds of UV gels, acryls, accessories and tools for palm care and stylization treatments.

Nails Company is a very dynamically developing firm, which enjoys the interest and recognition of clients all over Poland, as well as abroad. We employ a well-trained team made up of professionals who have passion for what they do and what they wish to achieve. The development and successes of our clients are a source of enormous satisfaction for us.

Following the enormous interest in nails stylization on the part of our clients, we have created Nails Company Training Centre. We organise training sessions both for beginners and professionals wishing to broaden their knowledge by acquiring new skills and exploring the latest technological novelties in the area of nails extension and decoration. Each participant of the course is approached individually – we prepare a separate training programme for every single person. At the end of the course each participant receives a Nails Company Certificate, which entitles them to make use of the acquired skills throughout the country.

Despite the fact that Nails Company has its head office in Zabrze, we have met the expectations of our clients and today our representatives reach every place in Poland.